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To quote Al Pacino again, I like that header photo!


Now I know how construction workers feel on city streets, though I would ogle and salivate quietly….or maybe give an eye.

Yes, I would ogle and salivate over a very attractive man, too, so I don’t see that comment as sexist or a betrayal of feminism.

So there.

To quote Al Pacino!

I’m figuring things out here! I just found the place where I can edit the CSS. So all I have to do first is go learn CSS. In a way, I’ll miss my old blogger template. On the other hand, I think it’s so much nicer on WordPress…the look is cleaner, there are more options for drop-downs and such.

Oh this should be fun! I can figure out how to import all my CmIB pictures and have pages for the tings I like, like the rules of engagement and the “secret link” in NOP.  All the links and features I really like.  Oh, I can’t wait!
Now, If I can just get used to how their editor works, we can get this party going.

I think I’m becoming a geek.

Before that she bitched about: