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Well, obviously I’ve fallen into some sort of hibernation period. Sorry about the hasty drop, folks. Neurological disorders are unpredictable.

I happened to find this gem through, believe it or not, AOL’s entertainment news. Yes, I’m a slut. Anyway, I happened to find this beauty too irresistible not to stash here for future reference.

Video: Our Swayze Reception.

Here is the YouTube video for your pleasure. By the way, if anyone can tell me how to download the actual file of this video (if that’s possible) please let me know?

(Aside: Oh! This is too good not to throw in here.)

Here are James and Julia on BBC Breakfast News following the smashing success of their YouTube memento.

And here they are on the obviously much more hip Richard and Judy. How come the guy gets top billing, anyway.

Finally, here is the website for the movie James manages to plug in both clips:

The trailer, for your viewing pleasure:

All I have to say is I hope it makes it to the Ritz. I can only make out the damned dialogue of those Brit flicks on the big screen.

For another great Brit flick, check out Sliding Doors, with the oh-so-luscious Gwyneth Paltrow. She has the most delicious hair for half the film. Yes, despite her appalling taste in attire for award ceremonies. The icing on this cake is the always adorable John Hannah. (Yah, him I'd bed!)

But then that gets me thinking about Four Weddings and a Funeral and Possession (Aaron Eckhart, yummy! Blech! Gwyneth, most fetching!) and Sense and Sensibility. Scrumptious.

Final is James and Julia's "home." That video sounds like a shrewd move now, doesn't it? Who needs advertising when you can dirty dance?

Oh, pay no attention to this. I'm just setting it here so I won't forget it.

As for me, I walked Sadie, my "canine companion", in the drizzle this evening with my umbrella swinging from its leather strap by my side. The bathroom is presently warming and my pyjamas are toasting on the towel bar. I intend to get very warm and very snuggly very soon. Tonight, the wind will howl and the rain pelt and I will sleep, safe and serenely undisturbed.

I can't say when I'll be back next. Know that I'm doing alright. I'm back in therapy after a five-month break. Back on twelve-hour shifts, too, and feeling like a newborn. Sometimes I'm almost giddy on the job! In my present, semi-dormant state, I fear I may be getting a little Moley. I hope this doesn't Drag-on too long.

I turn fifty next week. Did I mention that? Feel free to send greetings. (::wonders how to get a PayPal button::) I'll be in NYC, secure in the anonymity of the eight million or so. I wouldn't be the least surprised if I happened to post some more, providing I get my laptop's wireless adapter up and running again.

Wish me luck.

Off to the showers, which sounds a little kinky...

(Really final aside: My pc used to face into the corner. After my dad died a year ago, I rearranged. Now it faces the road, the world. Just thought you might find that interesting... Mmmmm...maybe a little "treat" before that shower...)

A Right-this-Minute List of Ten Movies I’d take to a Desert Island

The Hudsucker Proxy on IMDB

1. The Hudsucker Proxy: Source of one of my favorite movie quotes, “You know, for kids!” as uttered by the Mr. Deeds of the film, Tim Robbins, the quintessential starry-eyed idealist, sucker and proxy. The Coen Brothers in one of their best, most inspired moments.

Out of Africa on IMDB

2. Out of Africa: For the sheer, raw beauty of the film and the soundtrack. For the poignancy of the lives it reveals. For the beauty of the land, in a time when much of the world’s land was still quite pristine. And, ahhh, the Mozart!

When my son was six, I decided I really wanted to watch Out of Africa on a given evening. I seem to recall with fair clarity that I as premenstrual at the time. As I bawled my eyes out watching them as they flew over the countryside or as the lions rested by the grave on a hill, my son asked me, plaintively, “If it makes you so sad, why do you watch it, Mommy?”

I’d take this movie for that memory alone.

The Princess Bride on IMDB3. The Princess Bride: I might as well since I have most of the movie memorized by now. “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” I think it’s a fabulously witty spoof, cleverly cast and executed perfectly. There’s just the right amount of camp.

Want to know which Princess Bride character you are? Take the quiz. I am:


Miracle Max


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

The Lord of the Rings4. The Lord of the Rings movies…counted as one choice, of course. Having by now read all four books (including The Hobbit) over twenty times, I’ve made myself sit through every pathetic cinematic attempt at bringing the book to life.

A particularly dismal example was a movie in the 1980’s which tried to blend animation and live action. Rent this someday if you have a burning desire to torture yourself. I commend them for their inventiveness in being the first to combine the two genres but the movie they produced in their effort sucked!

My first (real) car was named Gandalf!

Star Wars5. The Star Wars movies…all six of them…counted as one choice, of course. I love them all, to varying degrees, though I was seriously tested by the woodenness of both Hayden Christiensen and Natalie Portman. (I’m afraid Ms. Portman is becoming another Sean Young!) The story so transcends the mediocrity of the films that I must watch.

Besides, Mike and I would have Star Wars Film Festivals when he was young…all day long, episodes IV, V and VI in a row, popcorn and blankets and good junk food to nibble on. Yes, they have to go with.

Mad Max, the Movies6. Mad Max, The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I will try to rein in my greed after this one. The first of the trilogy for its spectacular, artistic vision of a post-apocalyptic Australia. A wonderful Kennedy-Miller collaboration. And Tina Turner’s thundering legs!

The Road Warrior

Mad Max II: The Road Warrior is my favorite, though I like the original quite a bit. Thunderdome is my least favorite…except for those gams!

Nina Takes a Lover on IMDB

7. Nina Takes a Lover would be stranded with me to help me retain a little sense of sensuality as I slowly broil to death. Great movie, if you’ve never heard of it.

Enchanted April on IMDB8. Howard’s End, Enchanted April, Sense and Sensibility or Jane Eyre (Orson Wells and Joan Fontaine), something Merchant-Ivory-ish. One of them would go to remind me of propriety, decorum, elegance and grace…none of which is a quality I have yet to cultivate. Something to evoke a period of great literature, great chivalry, great restraint, great love, great reserve and great rewards.

I think I’d probably prefer something magical, like Enchanted April.

The Last Emperor on IMDB9. Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor. Or maybe Lawrence of Arabia. Something epic and splendorous. I might have to opt for the former, as it is so much lavish than the latter. Besides, I’m turned on by just about every actor or actress in that movie. The scene with Joan Chen beneath the sheets with the Emperor and Empress. Oh my. The Last Emperor it is.

(Interesting side note: Lawrence of Arabia was the first movie I ever saw. In 1962, my parents took us to the drive-in where we all watched a movie about a pedophile. Interesting, huh?)

Only one more?

The Ice Storm on IMDB10. Update: I had the Indiana Jones trilogy here originally but realized I’d made a glaring omission. The Ice Storm has got to make the island trip. Before American Beauty tore us all apart, Ang Lee had already dissected the suburban American dream in all its gritty glory. It’s one of the most poignant and disturbing films I’ve seen.

Interestingly, when my son was 16, I took him and his half-sister to see this film, having no idea it was about marital infidelity, drugs, sex and untimely death. I hid behind my hand for most of the film. I bet Mike wanted to crawl beneath the seat!  Interesting, huh?

I’ll have to make sure Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade makes the next cut.

Could one not adore River Phoenix as the Young Indy?

I miss you, River!

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these or do in the future.


(Last word: I stumbled upon the most amazing site while “researching” this post. The Celebration of Women Writers is an online collection of the writings of women authors from the University of Pennsylvania. Look at this lineup…there are hundreds of authors here and all the “books” are available to read online. What a treasure chest!)

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