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Yeah, yeah, yeah. A day (or more) late and a dollar short, that’s me. Actually, several dollars shorter than I was yesterday since I spent the day out Christmas shopping with my mother. (We actually didn’t do too bad, considering, but that’s another post, another blog, another day.)

Four Things I Bloody Well Hate About the Christmas Season

1) Rude Drivers: Why is it necessary to place your vehicle square in the middle of the intersection when the light is turning yellow? Will it really hurt so much to wait out one more traffic light sequence? Is that lost 90 seconds going to keep you from baking one more holiday cookie for the unfortunate family that lives down the street? Or is it going to keep you from putting yourself further in debt in an assinine attempt to impress the neighbors and the neighbor kids (see holiday decorations, below)?

C’mon…is the “Christ” now so far removed from “Christmas” that we can’t even display a little common courtesy? An iota? A smidgeon???

2) Commercialism and commercials: Fortunately, by listening to public radio most of the time and working until 11 PM, I’m not exposed to much commercial television. This was a great blessing during the recent congressional elections. It’s also a boon every Christmas holiday season.

3) Christmas Muzak: Don’t get me wrong, I like a little Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby or Peggy Lee…to a degree. But to hear them continually pumped from the day after Hallowe’en until Christmas is more than any sane human can tolerate. About the only thing worse are the champagne commercials between Christmas and the New Year. [See 2, above]

4) Holiday decorations: Even in my small apartment complex (maybe 60 or 70 units) there is this infernal competition! In the summer, it’s gardening. In the Christmas season, it’s decorations! There is a lawn to one apartment which I’m amazed hasn’t caught on fire due to the wiring.

Every year I’ve been here, it’s gotten worse. The McMansion communities have incubated their evil offspring and it’s now infested my little community! Anybody have a recipe for a good, organic pest control agent?

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, getting older. I justlong for the “old days” which seemed like such simpler and happier times. Back when we cared less about impressing the neighbors and more about helping them, caring for each other. Do I really remember a time when things were better, when there was less tension and more peace or is it just a figment of my imagination or the yearning regrets of a woman who’s becoming more familiar and comfortable with the concept of her own demise?

While you’re out shopping for the holidays, consider doing an old broad a favor? Be kind to other people. Let someone out into traffic. Don’t rush to clog up the intersection. Choose not to flip off the idiot behind you who beeped. Go ahead…be that daring! It’s Christmas, for Christ’s sake!

You can flip him off again on January 2nd.

I might as well get into the game here with the Friday number posts. I’ve decided that my number will not be set but will vary from week to week depending on my mood and the theme./span>

So, without further ado, today’s Friday Random Number Post:


8 Sexy Movies

1) Desert Hearts: what can I say…I’m an old dyke and this was my first lesbian movie. Plus…Patricia Charbonneau.

2) Mrs. Soffel: “Mel Gibson and Diane Keaton,” you ask? Rent it then get back to me.

3) The Good Mother: fits in with my theme of women totally swept away by their sensual experiences. Diane Keaton again. These are the only two movies I ever liked her in. Well, I also liked The First Wives Club. I really am a little leary oft any woman who would have sex with Woody Allen.

4) Labyrinth: two names: Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie.

5) Bound: though I’m not terribly fond of the movie, Jennifer Tilly is totally hot and has any body ever looked better in wife-beater than Gina Gershon?

6) A Streetcar Named Desire: tragic, sick, deranged and sexy.

7) Better than Chocolate: okay, maybe not so sexy but arguably one of the best lesbian flicks I’ve ever seen.

[Update, 17.12.2006: I moved Laura Nina out to her own category in order to accomodate Mullholland Dr in the number 8 spot. It’s strange; it’s twisted; it’s bizarre; it’s wonderful; it’s sexy. It’s David Lynch (of Blue Velvet, another terribly sexy movie). Probably one of the movies (okay, lesbian-themed movies) which has gotten me the most aroused. I wonder what that says about me? The real reason? Laura Harring. What a complete babe! Oh…check out these wallpapers! [Courtesy of Starophile!]


[begin subliminal message]


[End subliminal message]

Laura San Giacomo

In a class all her its own, Laura San Giacomo starring in Nina Takes a Lover, a little darling of a film and, oh my, that voice! I won’t give the film away but it is, without a doubt, the sexiest movie I’ve ever seen. Rent it!

Have a good weekend. I’ll be working…

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