I was at Hedonistic Pleasureseeker’s place tonight. She’s been named Blog of the Day on WordPress! Wow, I practically rub shoulders with celebrity! I was drawn to her wish list (right sidebar) and had this wonderful idea to create a wish list page here! So here are my wishes:


Cheryl the Dreamer’s Wishes

If I had absolutely unlimited financial resources and had no reason to work, I would enroll at Swarthmore College full-time and get a degree in Philosophy. Just because. Then I’d transfer that on over to some decent law school nearby, or maybe at Rutgers Camden, and get my JD.

I’d parlay all my wonderful life experience and new book learnin’ to become involved in bioethics in some way. Or I’d start two non-profits: one to help older people in inner cities remain in their homes by providing free or low-cost house maintenance and repairs; the other as a healthcare advocte, to educate chronically ill inner city residents about how to navigate the health care system so as to receive care for their ailments of the same quality as their wealthier, suburban neighbors.

Or I’d go work as a lawyer in a center for abused women or families.

I would spend lots of time sitting on medical ethics boards at various hospitals in the region.

Oh, and world peace, worldwide social justice and an end to global warming.

Now, the real wish list, things I actually stand some chance of obtaining some day:


Cheryl the Realist’s Wishes

Nick Drake cd’s:


Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology


Hampton Bay 54 In., 5-Blade Fan; Oil Rubbed Bronze; Alabaster Swirl Glass Lt. Kit. What a steal of a deal!


Hampton Bay 2 Lt. Province Forge Finish (Chandelier!), 60W Medium Base, Sanding Glass.

I dunno. Do you think this is a bit much? My dining area is more airy and a little more frivolous than the living area. Oh, and does it go well enough with the fan (above), which I have planned for the living room?…



The Sony DSC-N2 Digital Camera: 10.1 MP, 3x optical zoom, 6x digital zoom. Yeah and less than an inch thick and weighs less than 5 1/2 ounces! Ain’t it sexy? I’m thinking I need one…



Handily collected on one website is my Amazon.com wish list… dvd’s, music and books I really like. Go ahead, click it and learn what I like.

This just in:

Blendtec Mix-N-Blend II

Preparing food is fast, easy, and fresh with the Mix n’ Blend II. With 5 automatic mixer cycles and 8 automatic blender cycles, the Mix n’ Blend II is the complete kitchen machine. The touchpad controls and easy-to-read display make it simple to navigate the many available options and choose the right one for the job.”